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Poisoned Partnership and the Price of My Silence

This is the tale of how the acrimonious and ongoing dissolution of my former legal partnership forced me to face the ways in which women get silenced for the privilege of demanding what is owed to them. One way to break that cycle is to make my silence worthless. So here is my story. In 2016 I started freelancing for an attorney in Aspen, CO. His name is David A. Bovino of Immediately, I was doing a lot of legal research and writing, drafting, and strategizing legal arguments. It was good work which supplemented my budding solo practice. Eventually, he asked me if I wanted to take a share of the recovery in two cases (let's call them Case A and Case B) in exchange for not getting paid hourly. He also said I had to pay him back for what I had already earned on those cases. I found it a little petty but said fine and did so. I now had a share in Case A and Case B. As the weeks went by it became clear that I was doing the heavy lifting in these cases and had an exce…