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Sexual Harassment as an Act of Aggression: It's More Than Just Words.

Sexual harassment is pervasive. According to the EEOC, 85% of women are sexual harassed at work and in fact, 45% of EEOC harassment claims are sex-based. Yet, even these high numbers only represent a fraction of existing sexual harassment. According to the EEOC, 75% of workplace sexual harassment goes unreported. There are a number of reasons for this. One of them, undoubtedly is the high rate of retaliation—75%--which makes it dangerous for women to come forward. Further, accountability and rectification of the situation remain elusive. A victim may come forward, risk everything, and lose everything while the abuser continues to enjoy success and accolades. Certainly, examples like Matt Lauer and Harvey Weinstein perfectly exemplify this. But why are employers still so bad at preventing and addressing sexual harassment? Because sexual harassment is still viewed as an issue of “politeness,” “political correctness,” and “inappropriate behavior.” Sexual harassment is none of those thing…