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The Expulsion of Rep. Steve Lebsock: These Are Not Your Hunting Grounds, Anymore.

On March 2, 2018, Colorado Representative Steve Lebsock was expelled from the Colorado Assembly for acts of sexual harassment against five women. Writing this sentence gives me goosebumps: it actually happened, someone was held accountable!
Rep. Lebsock harassed numerous women. Five came forward describing various lewd and offensive acts. For example, one woman described Rep. Lebsock reaching out, unprompted, and unbuttoning her shirt while they stood at a public function. Another woman, a lobbyist, described him asking her to have sex. She responded it was “off the table” and he answered, “It doesn’t have to be on the table.” And of course, his colleague Rep. Faith Winter came forward to explain that she said “No,” not once, not twice, five times, while Rep. Lebsock grabbed her arm. There are several other examples contained in the report developed by an outside investigator.
First, why do these statements and actions matter? What makes them offensive? While I know why these words and …

If You’re Not Angry About the “Gun Debate,” Get Out of My Way: I’m Angry for the Both of Us.

I don’t know how I found out there was an “active shooter” situation affecting my children’s schools. One moment I was having a normal day and the next my kids were being held at their Elementary and Middle Schools, as well as the nearby daycare until the situation was “resolved.” I remember sitting in my living room watching the door, listening to the silence left by the absence of four children. The time for them to come home had come and gone. And I waited. There is nothing like the heaviness of silence left by the absence of children, nothing. I heard the helicopters flying overhead, wondered if they were police or news, and waited. I didn’t know whether it was one or more shooters. I didn't know if shots had been fired or where the shooter was or how heavily armed he was. I imagined a white male with an AR-15 roaming my streets. I live five minutes from the school so I didn’t know where the threat was but I knew it was close. And I waited.
Finally, unable to take it anymore, I…