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The Angry Teenagers: The Heroes We Don’t Deserve.

A review of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and news outlets illustrates the Gun Debate madness: doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. The conversations are the same; the talking points are the same, the outcome is the same, which is what extreme gun advocates want. And we give them what they want. Politicians follow suit, by also failing to take action. Liberals and conservatives jump on various bandwagons and fall into the trap of thinking that there is no middle ground. And on either side of the aisle, adults fail to take the lead.

I don’t claim to make comprehensive policy suggestions in Facebook posts, Instagram hashtags, or 240-character Tweets. And I certainly don’t claim to offer comprehensive policy changes in an 1154-word blog post. However, I do suggest some retorts to soundbites which were meant to and were able to, halt all sound governance on the subject of gun control.

First, let’s take the big one: “Banning all guns violates the Second Amen…

Women's Right to Vote is Not 100 Years Old: The Continued Whitewashing of US History.

Try Googling the sentence “US Women’s Right to Vote.” The first entry, the featured one, states, "Passed by Congress June 4, 1919, and ratified on August 18, 1920, the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote. The 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote."
This is false. 
More importantly, it is ignorant and harmful. And yet, we unthinkingly accept it as true, time and time again. Over the weekend I was at an American Bar Associations Women’s Caucus meeting, and a lovely speaker stood up in front of the assembled female attorneys to tell us about the wonderful things the ABA had planned to celebrate the centenary of women’s right to vote. There was clapping and silent shoulder-patting. There were three black women in the room. They were immersed in their phones. Now, I indeed cannot read their minds and I have no idea if they were simply focusing on work (as I do during most meetings) or pointedly uninterested because they knew this conversation …