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The Toxic Currency of Desirability

To say that women’s sexuality is used as a proxy for their worth is stating the obvious. Whether virgin and slut or prude and sexy, the dichotomy of women who do and women who don’t do it creates the chasm over which women walk a tightrope every day. The purpose of this essay is not to explore that chasm per se. This essay will take a slightly different approach by discussing how attempts to use either of those extremes, and anything in between, to define or to claim sexual agency are only doing the former to their detriment and not doing the latter at all. The hypothesis is that any attempt to use sexual agency as a measure of self-worth or self-empowerment does nothing to engender agency and that, as a corollary, only enables rape culture by undermining and even eliminating the importance of consent. When women’s decisions about their sexuality can be boiled down to whether or not they are desirable, their judge, jury and executioner remains the male gaze. The male …