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In Defense of Angry Black Mothers

In the moments after her son’s shooter was acquitted, Philando Castile’s mother told the press, “People have died for us to have these rights and now we're devolving. We're going back down to 1969. Damn. What is it going to take? I'm mad as hell right now, yes I am.” I don’t know where she found the strength to find the words, but she did. “Mad as hell,” says another “angry black woman.” She has every right to be. Not because I say so, not because you think so, but because her son was fatally shot by the police at a traffic stop and a jury of her peers deemed that acceptable. In that light, every black woman in the US has every right to be furious. Every day of their life. Anywhere they go. The mere fact that Ms. Castile is not the only angry black mother this country has seen in the past few years, watching her son’s shooters get away with it, should make all of us angry. Ms. Castile is unfortunately one of many and she is only part of a subset of the justifiably irate b…

In Defense of Contraception: More Than A Right, A Medical Reality.

People often talk about contraception as a right. While I agree with the statement, it unfortunately creates a straw man argument that conservatives have used to women’s detriment. This is because the notion of rights immediately invites arguments about how rights are defined, where they come from, who grants them, and why. These questions are fraught with moral relativism and unfortunately society is not at a point where women’s right to control their own bodies is a given. We simply aren’t there. Further, we are also not at a point where women’s right to their own sexuality is a given either. Without those two, arguing women’s right to contraception is a non-starter. Further, from a practical perspective, rights are not absolute. Internationally, something may be a right in one country and not in another. Something may be a right under religious dogma but not under legal doctrine and vice versa. Indeed, articles that take issue with whether or not contraception is a right like to g…