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A Battle for the Soul of Our Nation : Don't Stop Fighting For It.

The Charlottesville clashes are not only about race, about the rise of white supremacy, about a morally abhorrent and profoundly un-American President. The Charlottesville clash is one of many battles for the very soul of our nation. Such battles have taken place and nearly tore us apart: the Civil War, the imprisonment of suffragettes, the Civil rights Marches and the Stonewall Riots are among them. These are moments where we stopped talking about luxuries like freedom of speech and the right to political expression. These are battles where we were, and are, talking about changes so profound that they will forever define our nation and have the potential of irretrievably breaking our movement towards a more egalitarian and inclusive society. Losing this battle can cost us everything.
The “pro Confederate monument protesters” in Charlottesville were not there to talk about history. Those people were Nazis. We are talking about individuals who advocate for mass murder in the name of a s…